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This page was last updated on: June 5, 2020
Officers for 2019-2020

                President                          Carol Cruz
                     [email protected]

                Vice President                  Ralph Powell

                Secretary                          Linda Gerber
                         [email protected]

                Treasurer                     Charlene Flores 
                        [email protected]

                Committee Leader             Ann Thomas
                         [email protected]

                Recording Sec.                Brenda Lowry
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                         [email protected]

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Now includes Approved Drug Listing.
          In Memory 2020

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Johnson & Johnson Retirees of Texas
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Scholarship Information.
For 2020 scholarships must be received
April 30th 2020  More details are in the August 2019 newsletter.  Awards will be made by May 15, 2020.  
We will list the winners and send an official  winners notice to the student. 


       2019 Annual Event

Corporate Information
Various links to corporate information can be accessed by clicking on the USEFUL LINKS button on the bottom of the page.

A new addition is information on the Enhanced U.S. Military Leave Policy for Active Employees
On the very bottom of the page is where the 2019 Banquet Photos are  shown.