Johnson & Johnson Savings Plan

If you still have money in the Johnson & Johnson Savings Plan [401(k)] you can access the information via the internet by going to:
(Please note:  The address is case sensitive.)

Benefits Changes

Occasionally, you might need to contact the Johnson & Johnson Benefit Service Center for things such as:

*  Address changes  
*  Direct deposit of your pension check
*  Changes in direct deposit
*  Questions about benefits

Retirees can reach the J&J Benefit Service Center at:


Additional benefit information can be accessed at:

Medical Claims Information

If you have a question regarding your medical claims, call the Member Services number on the back of your medical identification card.  They should be able to assist you.  If not, call the Benefit Service Center and speak with a representative.  Be sure to have the dates and times that you spoke with Member Services.  This will help in assisting you.
Matching Gifts Program

Johnson & Johnson will match qualifiying gifts to certain charitable organizations one to one.

Only hospitals (nonprofit, voluntary hospitals), health care organizations (whose primary focus is the delivery of health care), substance abuse organizations (primary mission must be prevention and/or treatment) and cultural organizations (tax-exempt public broadcasting stations, museums, symphony orchestras, opera companies, zoos, arboretums, planetariums, ets. [music and dance schools are not eligible]) are eligible for a match.

Necessary application forms, with detailed information on qualifications etc. can be obtained by calling:  1-800-804-4381
The Johnson & Johnson Manufactured/Marketed Prescription Drugs that can be obtained at no cost for members of various J&J medical plans can be accessed by clicking on
Processing Death Benefits

To access a Benefit Service Center (BSC) representative to process death benefits:

1. The individual (spouse or beneficiary) should call the Benefit Center at:
Voice activated system is available 24 hours, 7 days a week
Social security number /PIN is not needed to access a representative in this scenario

2.  Say, "Representative". The individual will be directed to the Automated Benefits Center touch tone system.
3.  On keypad, enter *0 and the individual will be directed to a Benefits Service Center representative.